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Kettle Moraine Monday Evening Bass Tournaments was established in 2003 by Doug Duernberger.


The K.M.M.B.T. Bass fishing circuit fishes 15 tournaments throughout the course of the year on 8 different lakes, located in southeastern Wisconsin. A point system is used to determine the top six teams which then qualify for a FREE ENTRY into the Championship. Additional teams can buy in to the championship for $50 (per team) - if they have fished 85-90% of weekly tournaments - 13 of 15. 


The team entry fee for club members is $50 dollars & $65 for non-club members, this includes entry into the BIG BASS POT.

The pay out is 85%, with 15% going towards the Championship prize purse and trophies. Big Bass is 100% pay out. Entry fee's are non-refundable.



1st Place: $195 dollars, 2nd Place: $145 dollars, 3rd Place: $115 dollars,  4th place : $90 dollars.

Payouts will be adjusted accordingly for tournaments with over 16 teams. 

For a complete list of rules, please e-mail:


Registration time is from 4:15 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. at the headquarter site.


We hold a pre-tournament meeting to discuss rules and go over any needed announcements.


Tournament Fishing begins at 5:30 p.m.

Tournament end time is at 8:30 p.m. Sharp!  no ifs, ands, or buts here.

Anybody not within 50' feet of the launch pier or dock by 8:30 p.m. is disqualified.

This is a strick rule, play it safe.......don't be late.

DEAD FISH PENALTY: Each dead fish is a deduction of 8 oz. ( half a pound )

Pre-tournament practice:

Each individual tournament lake is off limits to all tournament anglers beginning 12:01am on the Sunday prior to the tournament, until the start of the tournament.

Weather / lightning rule:

During storms with lightning, teams may seek shelter as long as the following parameters are met; 1) No-wake rules are not broken, 2) their boat may not leave the water. If a boat exceeds no-wake rules, that team will be disqualified from the tournament.

A team may pull their boat from the water for inclement weather, but may not continue fishing once their boat is on the trailer. They cannot re-launch and fish after weather has passed. They will still be allowed to weigh in bass caught prior to pulling their boat from the water.


Tournament Co-Directors: Doug Duernberger & Scott Dembiec

Weight & Measure officials: James Weiss & Kevin Windorff-Heaton > will make any call/ruling on a teams bass that are deemed " close to call ". Their decision will be final.

If it involves a fish from either one of the K.M.M.B.T. Directors/Officials, that person will not be allowed in the decision.



1st place:   20 points                 9th place:  12 points

2nd place:  19 points                10th place: 11 points

3rd place:  18 points                 11th place: 10 points

4th place:  17 points                 12th place:  9 points

5th place:  16 points                 13th place:  8 points

6th place:  15 points                 14th place:  7 points

7th place:  14 points                 15th place:  6 points

8th place:  13 points                 16th place:  5 points

*Teams must catch a legal fish to place and gain points during the tournament. Teams catching no fish only gain the entry fee points ( 2 ).  Ties will be broke as follows:

Most fish, then heaviest fish, then longest fish.

If a tie still exists after this, those teams equally get that placement of points.

Example:  two teams have 3.75 lbs., both teams have a 2 lb. bass ( heaviest ) and length is the same...say 16", THAT NIGHT 3.75 LBS places 8th. Both teams gain 13 pts. 


Additional bonus points: BIG BASS is worth* 2 points.

A full Five fish limit is worth* 2 points.

Paid Entry Bonus: Every time you enter a tournament, you receive* 2 points.





Town Park boat launch


House of Heileman - 5723 W. Lake Dr. West Bend, WI 53095 



County boat launch / park



State Park Launch



State Park Launch


Horner's Landing


Naga-waukee Park

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